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Are you or someone you love struggling to pay for monthly prescriptions? A free discount card from United Way of Hays County and FamilyWize can save you money!

Distributed through United Way of Hays County, the FamilyWize card lowers the cost of medicine by an average of 35% or more for people without insurance or who take medications not covered by their plan.

It’s EASY!
You can use your FamilyWize card every time you need to fill a prescription.  All you have to do is present it at a local pharmacy to get the savings.

  • Save Up to 75%
  • Use Immediately
  • No Paperwork
  • No Activation
  • Unlimited Use
  • Share with Family
  • Discounts Applied Automatically

You are eligible for the FamilyWize Discount Prescription Card if:

  • You opt out of the medical plan at your employer
  • Aren’t eligible for benefits (part-timers and new employees)
  • Have HSA and High Deductible Plans
  • Need medicine not covered
  • Have a family member without coverage

How to get your FamilyWize Discount Prescription Card?

United Way of Hays County County
FamilyWize Discount Prescription cards are distributed through United Way of Hays County.
Contact us at (512) 353-1420 to get yours.
Cards can also be obtained and printed online at by clicking GET YOUR FREE CARD.