United We Change the Conversation Around Mental Health

Join the Conversation. Change the Conversation.

In times of crisis, like the one we face now, it’s especially important to support mental health. Studies show that one in five adults experience mental illness, yet less than half receive the support they need.

Many individuals do not seek mental health treatment because of a lack of resources or the feared stigma attached to mental illness. 

What You Can Do to Change the Conversation

The social distancing our community is practicing can lead to increased feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, boredom, anger, frustration, irritability and even stigmatization if you are sick or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Learn to recognize these feelings and reach out to family, friends or other people in your support network or a trained professional to talk about your mental health.

 Texans experiencing anxiety, stress or emotional changes due to the pandemic can seek help from these resources.

 The new COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line offers COVID-19-related mental health support for all Texans. Call 1-833-986-1919 to reach a mental health professional.

United we can change the conversation around mental health.