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Books for Success

Literacy is a top priority for United Way of Hays County. One strategy for increasing educational opportunities for children is by increasing access to books, literacy materials and reading events, starting at very early childhood. Since July of 2012, United Way of Hays County has distributed more than 4,000 books to local families.  


“Struggling readers face challenges throughout life. As a young student, schoolwork and tests can be a nightmare. As a young adult, reading issues can make higher education and employability exponentially difficult, and even out of reach,” says Michelle Harper, Executive Director of United Way of Hays County.


The endeavors are part of a greater plan to strengthen the community and the youth that reside within. Books for distribution were donated in 2012 through the SOAR Book Drive and through Half Price Books.  Working with community partners such as Crescent Dental, the San Marcos Public Library, Texas State Community Relations and Central Texas Medical Center, and by conducting distributions at local Hays County schools, childcare centers, and community events, such as Sights and Sounds, UWHC gives books to families with children, infants through adolescent age.


In less than 9 months, UWHC has distributed almost all of the donated books to community children.


Motions are already in the works for more book intake. This year, UWHC staff will help facilitate the SOAR bookdrive, which raises thousands of donated books for local programs. Half Price Books has also made an annual contribution, donating ten boxes of books to boost the UWHC donation program.


For information about how you can  be involved with book distribution, or how your organization can receive books for an event contact Ellen Hoffman,