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How to Apply for Funding Through UWHC

2019 Funding Community Investment Grants  

Download 2019 Community Investment Grant Application Instructions
Download 2019 Community Investment Grant Application
Download 2019 Community Investment Grant Budget Form
Download 2019 Community Investment Grant Anti-Terrorism Compliance Form

Download 2019 Community Investment Grant Year End Report Form

United Way of Hays & Caldwell Counties (UWHCC) has a bold vision: that everyone in Hays & Caldwell Counties has a hopeful future and the resources for a good life. Partnering with agencies in the community that focus on our goals in the areas of education, income and health – the building blocks for a good life – we will work to create long-lasting changes that inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow.

The UWHCC Community Impact Grant is the process which allows applicants to demonstrate how their project or program will offer the most promise towards achieving the UWHCC Impact Goals. Final approval of the Community Investment Grants will be made by the UWHCC Board of Directors at their July 2018 Board meeting.


UWHC Community Investment Grants are for one year with the opportunity to extend the funding for a second year pending review of year-end reports at the end of 2019. Grant contracts for funding will begin January 1, 2019.

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for funding by United Way of Hays County, agencies must meet ALL of the following criteria:
     1. Must be a non-profit agency as defined by the Internal Revenue Service in Title 501(c)[3] of  its code or equivalent.
     2. Must be run by a volunteer Board of Directors, none of whom receives any remuneration from the agency.
     3. Must have been providing services in the Hays and/or Caldwell Counties area for at least two years.
     4. Must establish that it is performing a needed service to the community not being provided by any other agency.
     5. Must execute agency Agreement with United Way of Hays & Caldwell Counties.
     6. Must have measurable goals and agree to undergo periodic program assessment by UWHCC.
     7. Must agree to conduct no fundraising activity outside the United Way without approval of United Way as stated in the policy on agency fundraising.
     8. Must have a financial support program that demonstrates community acceptance and agency stability.
     9. Must agree to lend strength to United Way through support of its campaign and through publicity of its United Way affiliation.

Review Process
The Funds Distribution Committee, a group of community volunteers, oversees the grant application process as follows:

  1. Non-profit organizations are invited to submit a full Community Investment Grant Application by downloading the instructions and application from our website.  Applications are due by 3pm, Friday, June 22.
  2. Following submission and review of the Community Investment Grant applications, agencies will be asked to make a presentation about their Community Investment Grant application to the Funds Distribution Committee volunteers. Date is July 21. 
  3. Funds Distribution volunteers will continue their review, evaluation and discussion of the Community Investment Grant applications, and develop a final recommendation for funding to the UWHC Board of Directors.
  4. UWHC Board of Directors will vote on the final list of Community Investment Grants.


Date Activity
May 11 Application released
May 23 Community Investment Grant assistance day - agencies with questions or needing assistance with their application can schedule a time to meet with UWHCC staff to discuss their application
June 22 Applications due to UWHCC office by 3pm
July 21 Super Saturday - agencies submitting an application will be given a time to present their proposal on this day






UWHCC Impact Goals and Potential Partnerships

United Way of Hay County Impact Goals articulate what UWHC intends to achieve when investing community dollars. Applicants must demonstrate in the LOI how their project or program will help achieve one of the following UWHC Impact Goals.

Helping children and youth achieve their potential through education.
•    Increase percentage of children who enter school (kindergarten) ready to learn.
•    Increase percentage of children reading on grade level by 3rd grade
•    Increase percentage of young people graduating from high school on time.
Income/Financial Stability
Helping families become financially stable and independent.
•    Increase income and assets, as well as job training for improved employability.
•    Help families meet transitional basic needs
Improving people’s health.
•    Increase access to quality primary care(prenatal thru adult).
•    Increase access to prevention programs