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Early Childhood Education Summit



A business leader knows betten than anyone the need for an educated and reliable workforce. Early learning investments lay the foundation for a capable future workforce and impact the productivity of the current workforce. Setting children on the path to success now leads to savings on future remedial and incarceration expenses.

The future prosperity of our communities and country is based on the positive early development of our children.  The first five years are crucial for all children in developing the skills they need as the workforce of tomorrow.

Young children need a nurturing family, quality healthcare, sound nutrition, adequate housing and appropriate recreation in order to thrive.  Their parents or caregivers may need a variety of enabling and supportive services to allow them to provide for and nurture their children.

Thursday, September 14th 2017

San Marcos Rec Hall - City Park
170 Charles Austin Dr., TX San Marcos 78666

$35 per person - includes lunch


For more information, please call 512-353-1420


The 2017 Early Childhood Education Summit will bring together subject matter experts, community members, business and civic leaders, early childhood professionals and non-profit executives to consider ways the community can address the early childhood education issues facing Hays & Caldwell Counties.



  • Helping drive the local debate about early childhood education policies and programs.
  • Share with corporate leaders the learnings on early childhood development as a cost-effective for economic and workforce development strategy.
  • Deepen their knowledge on the current situation of early childhood in Hays & Caldwell Counties
  • Developing an early childhood education business network to exchange best practices on policies, programs, and partnerships in the search for solutions by businesses governments and nonprogress organizations.



  • Support a mixed provider delivery system: Whether early childhood programs are delivered by public, private, or nonprofit providers, communities should ensure that quality programs are available and convenient for the families who need them.
  • Encourage early learning system and k-12 alignment: Too often, children are in programs that do not adequately prepare them for success in kindergarten. Encouraging better alignment between early learning programs and kindergarten will help children learn to the best of their ability.
  • Promote early learning policies as part of the economic development agenda: Several studies have shown the return on investment that early learning programs can bring to communities. From the number of people employed to the supports provided to working parents to the long-term benefits for children who attend high-quality programs, early learning policies should be considered with the economic development plans.
  • Encourage business organizations and networks to adopt a policy position in support of public investments for effective, high quality early education programs: Ensure that local chambers, as well as other business networks adopt this priority and follow up with policy makers. 


SCHEDULE & AGENDA (Comming soon)


To register for the Early Childhood Education Summit, click here.
(Registration starts August 1, 2017 and ends September 12, 2017)