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Born Learning/Born to Read

Children are learning constantly, right from birth. What they learn during those first five years depends on the experiences they have each and every day. This is our greatest challenge – and our greatest opportunity. We know what happens in a child’s early years matters – for success in life and for school readiness.  Yet here is a startling fact: only 52% of children in Central Texas enter kindergarten ready.  It is clear that parents undervalue their role in preparing their children for school.  They don’t know exactly what actions to take to prepare them and they don’t think they have time to do what’s needed.

A child who enters school with basic knowledge, linguistic skills and social skills is better prepared to succeed- in school and in life.

The Born Learning/Born to Read awareness program focuses strongly on the critical developmental period starting at birth through age 5, recognizing the parent as a child’s first and most important educator. We want to connect children’s first teachers, their parents, grandparents and informal caregivers, with parenting and educational materials designed to support early learning for children. Materials provided in the packets are nationally recognized, and are designed to foster parental engagement in the everyday learning processes for their child, as well as describe month-to-month developmental stages, health facts and tips for fostering early reading. 


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